Maximus Dutch Sheperd

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High calibre special purpose dogs for security and protection

Alldogs Security is an industry leader in the supply of trained canines spanning more than 35 years and has total commitment to canine development programs from puppies through adult dogs. Our proven approach to canine training ensures that we are able to deliver what our clients demand, whether that be an obedience trained dog or a specialised Police patrol dog (SPD).

Alldogs Security has been responsible for providing trained canines throughout the world and we pride ourselves on going to great lengths to understand your specific needs and always give sound advice should you require it, such as breed specific information. This ensures that you get the right dog for the job. Alldogs Security has always maintained a solid support program which includes ongoing professional advice and maintenance training services for our clients, ensuring both you and your trained dog are always adequately trained and maintained.

As a special purpose trainer of working dogs, we can provide specialised training services for our clients. If you have a specialised training requirements please contact us to discuss the options we can provide.


Breeders Identification Number/Supply Number 0001115825820581


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Whether you want a specific breed perfect to protect your family or a professionally trained K9 for specialist law enforcement application, we can help find the right dog and train it for your specific requirements.

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German Sheperd puppy

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