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Drug & Narcotic Detection Dog Services

We have a proven track record of providing drug and contraband detection dogs and services to a variety of industries including Mental Health facilities, Detention centers, Private businesses, Shipping facilities and Schools & Education facilities.

We train our dogs to detect contraband including illegal drugs, contraband and many types of commonly abused medications. Our qualified team can assist in risk assessment and development of policy to incorporate the use of detection canines.

We can provide random visits periodically, with the frequency determined by the client. Our detection services will minimise the impact on workplace productivity and sends an effective message throughout an organisation as a proactive measure. We can develop a cost effective plan that suits your business.

At each site, we request a designated coordinator that can escort the k9 detection team and observe search activities in both internal and external areas. If the dogs detect and indicate in an area, it is photographed and further action is the responsibility of the organisation.

If you are interested in a detection program, we can meet and discuss your needs and provide canine demonstrations.

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