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Security K9 patrol units

Alldogs Security specialises in providing highly trained K9 units (K9 & Security Officer Handler) for various industries and high risk situations. We understand the need for highly trained Security Officer Handlers and quality working dogs whether it be for the corporate sector, car parks, venues, construction sites, schools, or any other security situation that requires a highly trained security K9 presence.

Why choose a K9 Security Solution for your business or organisation?

Security K9 units are an excellent security solution for many situations, especially those that may require a direct response and possible intervention. With a heightened sense of awareness, our security K9s and Security Officer Handlers have the ability to detect and apprehend offenders that would ordinarily go unnoticed. Security K9 Units are highly effective and affordable, and Alldogs Security offers a range of services that are designed to deliver results.

Professionally trained dogs and officers

Each Security K9 unit is trained to the highest of professional standards and our Security Officer Handlers are individually selected and trained for each engagement based on their own specific skill set. Our Security Officer Handlers are security licensed and certified as Security Dog Handlers under the national accreditation standards, and our dogs are qualified under strict training and assessment criteria. In addition to this, each Security K9 Unit undertakes a weekly training regime for the development of higher levels of security dog handling ability as well as ongoing assessment and maintenance. This approach guarantees the right results at the front line for our clients.

Our Shared Mobilised K9 Patrol Unit Service

Shared Mobilised Security K9 Unit Patrols Alldogs Security's offers a shared localised mobile patrol service that provides multiple clients located in the same geographical area with a cost effective way of increasing their security presence as well as the ability to respond if required. This service works on the basis of equitable cost sharing as the security K9 unit patrols multiple businesses with a confined area. This service has proven to be a very popular and cost effective solution for industrial parks, shopping centres and shared construction sites. Sharing the cost enables us to place a Mobile Security K9 Unit in your area.

Alldogs also provides specialised K9 Patrol Unit Services. Please contact us below for details.


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