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Guard & Protection Dog Training

Dogs have been used for effective security since early history. Alldogs provide professional dog training services intended for clients who require the highest level of protection and stability around other persons and animals ...

Australia's leading security dog trainers

All dog training conducted at Alldogs is overseen by some of Australia's most recognised working dog trainers with experience within military, prisons and police dog operations. Further to this we have provided dogs and services to  and V.I.P.s and trained numerous dogs for major film productions. 

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Flexible options for homeowners and organisations

Our protection dogs services are second to none. Our service begins with the quest to understand to specific outcomes and preferences that will provide the best canine and training for your needs. We customise an initial training program specific to you and your dog and provide follow up training to ensure skills are maintained to a high standard.

Home and family guard dog training

Personal & Executive Protection dogs are in high demand these days being one of the most proactive security measures and efficient security systems money can buy. Over the past 35 years of us providing protection dog services our recorded incidents of home invasions or burglaries is less than 1%.  We are the experts when it comes to training a family friendly guard dog with strong protective capabilities when put in a security situation. We train and socialise each carefully selected personal protection dog to be a stable, obedient companion. Our personal protection dog services train the perfect dog for your home and lifestyle.

Commercial security dog training

We train dogs for a variety of security services, from Military, Police and Security Patrol Dogs through to Industrial Guard Dogs. The dog training process is complex and skills taught ensure the dog is competent to handle a variety of situations relevant to the dogs required duties and evironment. We conduct an intensive initial assessment of all recruit dogs to ensure each dog has what it takes to progress to the most advanced training possible.


Business Guard Dog training 

We carefully select a pair of dogs with the capability to safely work unattended together in a secure site to guard and deter intruders. We must ensure the dogs selected to train are not diggers, fence jumpers or chewers that could become a liability to a business. The guard dog service is an extremely cost effective security system that is able able to implemeted at short notice.

Security Patrol Dog Training

It is a unique and special dog selected to train and work in security functions. Only a small percentage of dogs from suitable breeds tested for this role are selected to progress in training. The dog training is very comprehensive and becomes more demanding over time. A handler must put in countless hours of bonding and development with their dog. The training of the security patrol dog is progressive over time. Initially the K9 team will train to pass a pre-employment assessment and continue to 3 levels of assessment certify or quailify for particular skill sets and job roles. Alldogs provides complete training programs for security patrol dogs and handlers.

Specialist Dog Training

Alldogs provides high quality K9 development and training services to military and law enforcement organisations on an international level. Our team of specialist trainers are able to deliver dog training solutions that meet the specific needs of any organisation in any environment.


Dog training testimonials

These guys are the real deal Scott, Jamie and Mason are three of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time in any retail industry. Their trained dogs are respectful, reliable, loyal and hard-working and it is a pleasure to be part of the family. They train with respect and nurture their dogs all the way through not beat down on them and having them work on fear. I purchased a working line Shepherd with ongoing support and training as I am local. The included training package is the superior way to go. My dog is amazing extremely obedient and has a bite that would rival any same aged Rottweiler. Thank you I love my boy.

Shane Endycott

Jamie gave our dog Ronny a chance. No one would take him on due to his aggressive behaviour. Now, Ronny is a pleasure! He’s doing things I thought would never happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We are forever grateful!

Amy Devon, Brisbane

Jamie is honest and professional to deal with. Very knowledgable trainer.

Brett Miller, Brisbane

Scott Donald trained 2 of my personal protection dogs to go to Madagascar. He was incredibly professional and brilliant in his training methods and delivered 2 brilliant world class dogs. Thank you Scott

Kylie Lehmann, Brisbane

Thanks again to Scott Jamie and Jordan the genuine care you have for the dogs you handle is amazing Sergant is the second dog you have trained for me and I’m sure he won’t be the last

Brendan Anderson, Brisbane

Scott restraining aggressive guard dog

Customisable options for dogs & handlers

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Security K9 guard

Security & protectionDog Training

Training dogs for home, commercial or law enforcement guarding & protection applications.

Security K9 guard

Security & protectionHandler Training

Certifying handlers under the national accreditation standards.for various security K9 applications.

Detector dog with handler

Dog & handlerDetection Training

Specialised K9 training for the detection of drugs, weapons, explosives & premises intruders.

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