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Bomb & Explosive K9 Detection Services

Alldogs Security provides a complete Explosives Dog Detection service that includes specialist advice, training and implementation. We provide these services on a global scale.

Explosives K9 Response teams

Alldogs Security can provide highly trained K9 Response teams with the capability of delivering Explosive Detector Dog (EDD) services. Our EDD K9 teams are available for quick deployment with the ability to detect explosive odors facilitating an appropriate emergency response. We can rapidly screen cargo, vehicles, buildings and structures easily and effectively minimising operational down time. Our detection k9 teams are certified under international standards.

Specialist explosives detection training for dogs & handlers

We provide programs of instruction which prepares a k9 team for entry level into canine handling with a dog trained to work both patrol and detection tasks in operational security environment. Dog handlers will learn techniques in canine safety and care, obedience training, detection dog handling, patrol dog handling, search patterns, scent theory, materials handling and relevant law pertaining to the use of detector dogs.

Sales & custom acquisition of trained bomb detection dogs

Alldogs can provide Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) that are prepared for the job. Dogs are trained and tested in real simulated environments able to detect and passively indicate on different combinations of explosive odor.

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