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K9 Detection Training For Dogs & Handlers

Alldogs detector dogs and handlers are trained and certified to international standards. Our carefully selected dogs undergo specific skills training with handlers in all areas of detection scent work.

Accredited courses for handlers

We provide both accredited and non-accredited courses and training for security and detection dog handlers. Our K9 detection services include dog selection, advanced training in search and detection methodology, handler skills, detector dog deployment and follow up search activities.

Individualised specialist training for dogs

Our K9 security detection dogs are trained to detect contraband and target odors in vehicles, compounds, buildings, luggage and on people.

These dogs are selection tested and specially trained to ne both peaceful and proactive, are ideal for narcotic and explosive detection at airports, ports, stadiums, arenas, shopping centers, nightclubs and any locations where narcotics or explosives may be concern.

Commercial solutions for organisations, businesses & law enforcement

Alldogs Security provides a complete Dog Detection service that includes specialist advice, training and implementation. We provide these services on a global scale. Our team have gained international certification and experience in detector dog operations and our consulting services include operational training, supply and establishment of detection K9 units for your specific requirements.

Training options available

Bomb & explosives detection
Employing skilled bomb detection dogs is one of the most effective ways to deter and eliminate explosive threats.

Drug & narcotic detection
Highly skilled drug detection dog teams can be a major asset in any successful drug interdiction program.

Premises intruder detection
Our dogs can trail and indicate on people in bushland or urban areas.

Firearm & weapons detection
Specialist canines with excellent scenting abilities to determine areas of suspicion of firearms and ammunition.


Scott restraining aggressive guard dog

Customisable options for dogs & handlers

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- All Training Options -

Security K9 guard

Security & protectionDog Training

Training dogs for home, commercial or law enforcement guarding & protection applications.

Security K9 guard

Security & protectionHandler Training

Certifying handlers under the national accreditation standards.for various security K9 applications.

Detector dog with handler

Dog & handlerDetection Training

Specialised K9 training for the detection of drugs, weapons, explosives & premises intruders.

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