Custom dog acquisition & training

Like humans, dogs come with different personalities and behaviours. We specialize in finding the right dog for the role.  A unique dog selected for key personality traits suited to its new environment and home.  We determine what is required of a dog and how functional and integrated the training required for everyday life.

Sourcing quality dogs from reputable breeders

For over 30 years Alldogs has established an extensive network of reputable breeders and dog suppliers which assist in us sourcing dogs more suited to individual client requirements.

Prior to dogs being accepted into the Alldogs training program and paired with new handlers, it must pass the testing and temperament and testing evaluation which is performed at Alldogs Kennels. The dogs are veterinarian health checked and come with all relevant paperwork and history. We assess and document dogs for social ability, stability around children and other animals and environmental soundness providing management plans for future housing of every dog.

We can provide suitable dogs untrained or dogs placed into our development or training programs.

Our experienced trainers customize the dog's training in 3 phases:

In kennel Training: the dog learns the required skills in a safe and comfortable learning environment.

Scenario Training: is where the field training is scenario tested in simulated real environments.

Conditioning:  is where the training is proofed in the dogs everyday environment.

We can adapt and apply training programs that are in line with current organisation or agency requirements.

Our team have extensive experience in successfully paring dogs suitable for handlers or homes. We can arrange private consultation to discuss any canine requirements with our government qualified trainers.


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