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Specialist Detection Dog Services

We provide a complete Dog Detection service that includes specialist advice, training and implementation. We provide these services on a global scale.

Our team have gained international certification and experience in detector dog operations and our consulting services include operational training, supply and establishment of detection K9 units for your specific requirements.

K9 detection utilises highly trained dogs to identify and locate target odours. Our detection K9’s can be trained in narcotic detection (drug dogs) or explosives detection (bomb dogs, weapons dogs) and can search areas such as pedestrian traffic, vehicles, buildings, shopping complexes and stadiums to name a few.

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Security K9 guard

K9 DetectionSecurity

We provide on-site detector dog deployment & follow up search activities in Australia & abroad.

Detection dog

K9 DetectionDog Sales

High quality trained dogs for a variety of detection and specialist law enforcement operations.

Jamie training sniffer dog

K9 DetectionTraining

For law enforcement agencies, government and corporations requiring specific K9 applications.


Dogs and handlers specialising in explosive detection

Alldogs Security can provide highly trained K9 Response teams with the capability of delivering Explosive Detector Dog (EDD) services. Our EDD K9 teams are available for quick deployment with the ability to detect explosive odors facilitating an appropriate emergency response. We can rapidly screen cargo, vehicles, buildings and structures easily and effectively  minimizing  operational down time. Our detection k9 teams are certified under international standards.

Drug detection sniffer dogs

We have a proven track record of providing drug and contraband detection dogs and services to a variety of industries including Mental Health facilities, Detention centers, Private businesses, Shipping facilities and Schools & Education facilities.

We train our dogs to detect contraband including illegal drugs, contraband and many types of commonly abused medications. Our qualified team can assist in risk assessment and development of policy to incorporate the use of detection canines.

Weapon/firearm detection

Alldogs provides specialist onsite K9 response teams, training  and sales for Firearms Detector Dogs and handlers. The dogs are trained to find firearms related evidence including the detection of weapons, ammunition and relevant manufacturing equipment in various environments.

We have a proven record supplying world-class firearm detection dogs for a variety of industries across Australia, Papua New Guinea and other international locations. Our dogs and handlers are internationally accredited to provide very specialist K9 detection services.

Premises intruder detection

Alldogs security canines and their handlers provide security, crime prevention patrols, emergency response, and intruder detection on for various security operations and are in deployed in locations around the world.

Our contribution of K9 security to the maintenance of security and safety no longer needs to be proven. They are important and highly trained members of our security and detection teams.

Our team have vast experience working with both public and private sector organisations throughout the world implementing top-level K9 detection services.

Photos training our detection dogs


Protecting your business, premises and people with high-level detection solutions

Detector dogs or sniffer dogs are a cost effective and highly efficient resource that can be deployed at short notice for high level security functions. A security dog trained to detect a substance is more efficient than any other technology available. We are capable of providing customisable K9 detection solutions to suit almost any type application, situation, budget or organisational requirement.

Alldogs K9 detection services include dog selection, advanced training in search and detection methodology, handler skills, detector dog deployment and follow up search activities. Our handlers have decades of combined industry experience as well as all necessary certification and training. Our team have coordinated K9 security projects for numerous notable companies and organisations on an international scale. For references and job details please contact us here and we can discuss a custom solution for your organisation.

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Highly specialised K9 detection services for all types of industries

Based in Berrimba, Queensland, we can quickly deploy onsite K9 detection solutions throughout Australia as well as overseas. We regularly service a variety of private and public organisations throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea, United States, Guam and other countries internationally. Our clients come from many type of industries as well as government and law enforcement agencies. With teams setup in key locations internationally, we have the ability to provide onsite K9 detection services short-term as well through long-term contracts to ensure the ongoing security of your organisation.

Throughout the past 2 decades Alldogs has provided K9 detection services for public events, business premises, festivals, shopping centres, pedestrian traffic, agencies, stadiums and more. Our clients range from mining companies, security organisations, developers and builders, shopping centres, law enforcement agencies and many other private and public organisations.

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