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Onsite K9 Detection Security Services

Alldogs is a specialist Detector Dog service. We focus on canine detection systems for proactive and responsive security measures. We provide specialist k9 detection dogs and teams for the purpose of detecting narcotics, explosives, firearms, contraband and intruders. We provide security and risk management solutions.

Explosives/Firearms Detection

We are able to deploy an Explosives Detector Dog (EDD) team operationally as a safety measure to any environment in a non-intrusive manner. The dogs are able to detect explosive odors and rapidly screen cargo, luggage, vehicles or structures in an efficient time easily and efficiently without down-time to business. Our professional handlers are trained to take appropriate course of action and network with relevant stake holders and authorities.

Narcotic/Drug Detection

We train our dogs to detect contraband including illegal drugs and many types of commonly abused medications.We service mental eealth facilities, detention centres, private businesses and education facilities. Our qualified risk assessment team can assist in the development of policy and provide assistance in policies to incorporate the use of detection canines.

Intruder Detection

We provide Security K9 Patrols that are highly efficient in detecting intruders or trespassers to any site. The dog teams are trained to conduct a search of an area for the purpose of detecting and locating and person of interest. Our professional and licensed Security Dog Handlers will determine an appropriate course of action following positive identification of any intruder.


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