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Conventional security systems are a common approach, but another, possibly better solution is to adopt a guard dog.

Many people already know that best guard dogs will do their very best to protect the ones that they love and have bonded with Alldogs will help you provide you with the most suitable dogs for the most reliable defense, keeping your family and your possessions safe.

Plenty of people want a dog for protection, but what’s the best way to go about it. With the right breed and training, you can have a dog that’s prepared to protect you and one that will also make a beloved pet suitable for your home.

Scott Donald, owner of AllDogs Security

Some personal advice from Scott...

In our experience, each different person favors a different breed or type of dog. Not all dogs are capable or successful of true guarding. We specialize in offering the right advice and sourcing a preferred breed to further train as a guard dog for your home.

Scott Donald

Owner of AllDogs Security

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German Sheperd puppy

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A personalised service where we source and train the perfect dog for your exact requirements.

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