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Alldogs can provide a social, highly trained dog that can accompany you at home and in public and be safe with children as well as protective of your family if the need arose. Our personal protection dogs are specifically bred, selected and trained for personal and family protection. 

At Alldogs, we understand the need to own a protection dog that may needs to be social and stable with children, friends and family.  The reasons a person could benefit from owning  an obedience and protection trained dog are endless, but most want it as a faithful companion, an alarm and effective deterrent against crime. Crime and home invasions are on the rise and the right dog is still one of the most effective security sytems in the world today. Many of our customers are people who perhaps travel for business and want to leave their family and home as safe as possible. A trained protection dog can be an additional and effective layer of protection for most families.

Our personal protection dogs are trained with family and work in mind. Countless hours of training in obedience, home training, protection training and social training are put into our personal protection dogs before we train the new owners with the dog. Our prices very depending on the degree of personal protection training for each dog. Contact us to discuss the details of getting the right advice to achieve optimal success with finding your new dog.

Scott Donald, owner of AllDogs Security

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We have trained over 10,000 working and family dogs for over 30 years. We have provided our working dogs for celebrities, exutives, royality and major film productions. We can provide you with the right advice and solutions in sourcing your new dog.

Scott Donald

Owner of AllDogs Security

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