Specialised Training for Dogs and Handlers

Dogs being trained

Alldogs Security has specialised in the training of law enforcement K9 Units for over 30 years. Our Specialised Training services are provided to security organisations internationally for the selection, training and implementation of service patrol and protection dogs.

Our dogs are trained to the highest level of standards in the areas of obedience, agility, tracking and handler protection. And the dogs that we recruit for training undertake strict selection criteria which is achieved through a series of tests which include; health, drive and temperament. All of our K9 training is conducted in a safe environment at the Alldogs Security Headquarters in Australia and is in accordance with all applicable legal requirements.

Handler Training

Alldogs Security is one of only two companies in Queensland that provides specialist handler training. This Nationally Accredited Security Dog Handler Course is run in conjunction with Registered Training Organisations for Security Dog Handler security licensing requirements.

Our Security Dog Handler training courses have been specifically developed to certify handlers under the national accreditation standards. Our courses have been structured with education levels ranging from trainees right through to advanced training in all areas of Security and Detection Dog Handling. These competencies can be used to gain certification and relevant security licenses.

Our advanced training services and systems are used to educate and certify security personnel for the military, Government agencies and private enterprises on a local and international scale.