Detection Dog Services

Detection dog

Alldogs Security provides a complete Dog Detection service that includes specialist advice, training and implementation. We provide these services on a global scale.

Our team have gained international certification and experience in detector dog operations and our consulting services include operational training, supply and establishment of detection K9 units for your specific requirements.

K9 detection utilises highly trained dogs to identify and locate target odours. Our detection K9’s can be trained in narcotic detection (drug dogs) or explosives detection (bomb dogs, weapons dogs) and can search areas such as pedestrian traffic, vehicles, buildings, shopping complexes and stadiums to name a few.

Our K9 detection services include dog selection, advanced training in search and detection methodology, handler skills, detector dog deployment and follow up search activities. Alldogs Security also provides advice, training and implementation of detection dog services internationally.

Detector dogs or sniffer dogs are a cost effective and highly efficient resource that can be deployed at short notice for high level security functions. A security dog trained to detect a substance is more efficient than any other technology available.